Tax issues are in principle about figures and rules, but with Van Noort Gassler & Co we look beyond just the numbers and rules. Given our extensive experience in advising in particular small and medium size enterprises and individuals we always look at the people behind the (fiscal) issues. In each fiscal issue with which your company or you are faced, you can count on our knowledge and commitment.

We translate the tax laws and regulations to customized advice for your personal or business situation as well as taking care of the periodic reporting obligations and checking your tax assessments and decisions. Our tax advisors assist individuals and small and medium – sized enterprises to optimize their tax position. We are driven by our commitment to find an adequate solution for each fiscal problem since 1919.

The broad knowledge of the Dutch tax law ensures that we can inform you about all relevant and current tax developments and the specific implications for your situation.

Our services in the field of taxation can be distinguished into the following specializations:

  • Income tax ( declarations and advice)
  • Corporate tax ( declarations and advice)
  • Wages tax and advice on payroll and related compensation issues
  • Value added tax
  • Estateplanning
  • (Company) legal issues

In addition, we also offer assistance regarding:

  • Transfer of business and partnerships
  • Mergers , restructuring and acquisitions
  • Pensions and financial planning (Insofar AFM Registration is not required)