History of VNG

Van Noort Gassler & Co. is an accounting and tax consultancy firm consisting of six offices, which mainly specializes in small and medium – sized enterprises .

On September 1, 1919 the basis for the current accounting firm Van Noort Gassler & Co. was laid by mr. Van Noort . During the first 15 years of the firm ‘s clientele consisted mainly of the large and small shopkeepers , plus many small tax clients .

In the period between 1945 and 1974 , the further basis for the office as we know it in its current form. Mr. J. B. Gassler came on November 1, 1945 as a partner in the firm. This period was characterized by a significant growth in the customer base that became increasingly diverse. In 1964 the office of the Weteringkade moved to a stately villa at the Nieuwe Parklaan 73 where the office has since been established.

In 1974 E. Gassler LLM MSc RA joined the company. With the accession of Mr. Gassler the office made a great flight . The number of branches is extended so that the year 2014 six offices in the country can be found.

Our work field and related activities have undergone significant changes over time. In addition, we have always been the primary point of contact for businesses and individuals in the changing world of tax law and accountancy as an organization.

After all these years, our goal is to stand next to the entrepreneur as much as possible, to anticipate issues that may arise and to offer tailor-made solutions when a problem occurs. A personal approach for our clients, their individual needs and expectations has been at the center of our business for more than 90 years! Therefore our slogan ‘ Eye for entrepreneurship’ can be found in our logo.