Your accounting
Accounting is the financial basis of each company . Your administration will give you insight into the financial position of your organization and gives you information that will help to make important decisions. We can take care of the entire process for you, but you can also choose to hand in your own administration so that we can make the necessary adjustments and additional entry in relevant ledgers.
The latter works through online accounting, where we work with online accounting software from various parties such Afas Online , Exact Online , Reeleezee and Twinfield .

Our statements
From the accounts we provide annual figures prepared in accordance with the Dutch (tax) law and regulations. These annual figures are used for income tax , corporate tax return and if needed to adjust these accounts.

Our assembly statement
We always provide an assembly at a financial statement, but at your request, this can also be an assessment statement or a control declaration. Sometimes it is requested to do so by a bank and sometimes by a grant giver, such as a municipality.

What exactly do we do?

  • setting up the administration
  • taking care of the administration
  • preparing and submitting VAT declarations
  • compiling financial statements
  • filing of documents for publication
  • advising on funding applications, investments and budgets
  • providing interim reports