Bloemendaalseweg 169
T +31 23 526 09 92
F +31 23 527 55 68 (or use the form at the bottom of this page)



mr. D.N. (Dirk) Tanger RB
T +31 23 5260 992

H.B. (Henk) Schoenmakers RA
T +31 23 5260 992

M. van den Elshout RB
T +31 23 5260 992

R. (Ronald) van Dijck - Accountant (RA)
M +31 61 3712 166

About this establishment:

From our office in Bloemendaal we successfully advise individuals and small and medium -sized enterprises within and outside our region but also assist foreign companies with a Dutch establishment.

In addition to our traditional sectors, we now have a solid foundation in childcare, healthcare and non-profit sectors.

The following specialties are represented at the office:

1. Tax : In particular, the preparation of tax returns for all tax resources and giving tax advice
2. Accountancy: We are happy to assist you in putting together your annual figures , carrying out statutory audits as well as providing explanations for subsidy
3. Consultancy : We can also be of service in the field of consultancy , these include assisting the Executive Board and Supervisory Board or helping solve (business ) legal issues.

Our establishment has the following staff members:

–      Dirk Tanger – Tax lawyer (RB) and
–      Peter Walter – Accountant  (RA)
– Ronald van Dijck – Acountant (RA) [branch manager]

The team also includes:

–      Mischa Bosters
–      Sandra Kraakman
–      Henk Schoenmakers RA
–      Astrid Steijn
–      Wei Lan Wong
–      Martijn van Dijk RBc RSa
–      Jan van den Elshout
–      Christa Donders
–      Hans van Brakel
–      M. Jacobs
–      Esther Dekker
–      Lusine Hovhannisian